Equine Shockwave Therapy

Veterinarians have a new option for treating equine injuries.

The Piezowave Vet equine shockwave therapy device is taking the treatment of equine musculoskeletal conditions to a whole new level through technology with the ability to pinpoint and treat injuries.

PiezoWave Vet is modern, focused, high-energy equine shockwave therapy at a fraction of the cost.

This is the most powerful focused shockwave on the market, yet it’s piezoelectric design makes it quieter and less painful than other shockwaves. So much so, that little or no sedation is required.

And, there are no “trodes” to constantly buy so you can offer this new therapy at a competitive price to your clients.



Veterinary practices that employ equine shockwave therapy distinguish themselves as being of the forefront of new technology.


Advantages of PiezoWave Vet shockwave therapy:

  • No “Trodes’ to Buy – Save thousands of dollars per year.
  • Higher Energy – Two to three times more powerful than electrohydraulic units.
  • More Focus – More energy delivered at target tissue.
  • Less Noise – Does not startle patients.
  • Shockwave Consistency – Shockwave output does not degrade with use.
  • Less Patient Discomfort – Little or no sedation required.
  • More Control – Ability to treat in 5mm increments.
  • Unique High –Volume Linear Therapy Source available.
  • Biofeedback – The ability of “flare” an area and identify where the therapy will provide the greatest amount of benefit.
  • Hand-Activated – No foot pedal required.
  • Mixed Practice Use – Can be used on small animals with the F7G3 therapy source.

We are happy to demonstrate equine shockwave therapy with PiezoWave2 Vet and to address all of your questions.

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Illustration of shockwaves

Unique linear therapy source.

Stop paying too much for old technology!

PiezoWave Vet = 5 million shocks
Electrohydraulic = 50,000 shocks

You can buy over 100 “trodes” or buy one PiezoWave Vet and provide your patients better therapy.

Piezowave2 Vet has the largest focal density area available. It is excellent for suspensories and tendons.




Equine Shockwave Therapy Brochure from PiezoWaveVet


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